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Please note:  you do not have to choose one of these learning plans, we will work with a wide variety of curriculums. These are just some of the more "tried and true" curriculums in order to give you an idea of what a learning plan looks like and what expectations are for each grade level.  Keep in mind however, that in some cases a child may be working above or below a grade level so if what you see in one grade level doesn't seem appropriate for your child go up or down a grade as necessary.  

If you decide to choose one of these curriculums this information is what will be entered under the learning plan section in Wings, the website where we keep track of your child's learning plan, workshops and progress reports.  Curriculum will be chosen for each of the four core subject areas: math, science, language arts and social studies and entered as an "Independent Class" in Wings under the applicable core subject area.  

At any time during the school year if you find a curriculum isn't working with your child, you can switch curriculums and your child's learning plan can be updated with your advisors approval.  We firmly believe that each child is unique and certain curriculums work better with some children vs. others and finding one that works is often like finding a good shoe that fits - it may take several tries, but once you find it your child will be on a path to success!   With the knowledge our advisors have, along with our library of resources and the ability to network among other OPHC families we will help you find a curriculum that works.