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Program Requirements

Our program requires several key components:  
1) With help and approval by your certified teacher advisor, a WSLP Written Student Learning Plan is developed for your child.  This plan requires study in four core subject areas: Math, Science, Language Arts and History.  This is the plan you will follow with your child throughout the school year.  If you find you need to change or add curriculum, your learning plan can be revised at any time with your advisors approval.  
1) Your child is required to attend workshops once a week at either the Methodist Church (in Clallam County) or San Juan Baptist Church (in Jefferson County).  A parent or designated guardian is required to stay onsite while the student attends the workshops.  A minimum of three workshops are required for enrollment which means a time commitment of at least three hours on that day.  Absences are accepted for valid reasons, however as attendance in these workshops is an integral part of our program, repeated absences could have consequences.
2) If your child is unable to attend workshops on any given week, contact must be made between your child and his/her certified teacher advisor.  This contact is necessary to make sure your student is on track with his/her learning plan. (for younger children you can dictate for your child into an email).  Contact can be made in several different ways, via phone, email or by using Seesaw an easy online communication program for elementary students.
3) You will be required to make a progress report on your child's learning once a month in SDS (short for School Data Solutions), the program where we keep track of your child's learning plan and other information.  
4) Parents are expected to volunteer in one of many ways to help keep our program running smooth.  Most volunteer positions involve being a parent helper in one of the workshops.  The parent helper helps the teacher in various ways: passing out supplies, helping the kids stay on track with various learning activities and overall just lending a hand when needed.  Other volunteer options include helping to organize the Winter Festival, the end of the year Field Day Festival or helping to clean up, set-up and take-down tables and chairs at the workshop sites before and after the workshops start.  
5) To bring a smile and positive attitude on workshop days to support the kids, their learning environment, and the workshop instructors to make this experience the best it can be!
Contact Information

OPHC Principal:
Dave Bingham 360-928-3311 ext. 1003
[email protected]

OPHC Administrative Secretary:
Paula Burgner 360-928-3311 ext. 1060
[email protected]