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Assessment Choices



Every student at OPHC must participate in an assessment. This assessment choice is notated on the Annual Assessment Form which is part of the Registration packet.  Your child's assessment choices will vary depending on their grade level.  

Kindergarten students will participate in the WA/Kids assessment which will be administered by the Kindergarten teacher during Kindergarten class time.  Kindergarten families are also required to do a Portfolio assessment twice a school year.  More information about the WA Kids Assessment can be found by visiting the WA Kids website below:


First grade and second grade have two assessment options: CSD timed tests or Portfolio. Once your child is in third grade, another choice is available: the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC).  There are several advantages to taking the SBAC - your advisor will help you choose the option that is best for your child.  


Here is a quick summary of each assessment option:


Smarter Balanced (SBAC) – Standardized State Testing takes place in April at Crescent School District (CSD).  You must come to CSD for this test, if this is not possible you may be able to take the test in your home district (prior arrangements might be necessary).  The following website gives some good insight into the Smarter Balanced test and why it is currently the assessment of choice in the State of Washington. 


Crescent School District (CSD) Timed Tests - The CSD timed tests take place at the end of each quarter on a workshop day.  They consist of a 1-minute timed reading test and a 1-minute timed math test.  After your child completes these tests you will receive a score card back showing their score and what the average score range is for your child's grade level.  


Portfolio Assessments - Portfolio assessments take place twice a year at the end of each semester during a workshop day.  They involve a twenty minute meeting between your advisor, your child and you.  Your child will have the opportunity to showcase what they have been learning in each of the four subject areas of their learning plan - ideally a sample from each subject area for each month of the semester.