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Benefits & Resources

Enrolled students and their parents meet with a certified teacher (advisor) to develop a Written Student Learning Plan.  Each advisor is knowledgeable in home-schooled instruction, setting goals, developing objectives, suggesting alternatives, recommending resources, and assessing progress.  Advisors meet with families on a regular basis to assist students in achieving a successful and rewarding educational experience.  Other resources our program offers include:

* A welcoming community
* Creative workshops and field trips
* Chromebooks for all students
* Administrative Support
* Certified teacher's assistance
* Annual Learning Plan to help set educational goals for your child
* Monthly online reports keep track of what you have achieved
* Fantastic library of curriculum and other resources
* Annual support for the curriculum you choose
* Opportunities for social interaction with other children
* Great opportunities for advice, play-dates and friendships with other parents and instructors in the program
Contact Information

OPHC Principal:
Dave Bingham 360-928-3311 ext. 1003
[email protected]

OPHC Administrative Secretary:
Paula Burgner 360-928-3311 ext. 1060
[email protected]